Hashiriya Drifter

Wheel features
An additional slider in the front/rear adjustment window(s) to adjust the actual wheels width (more Lip on your rear wheels)
For example, I use wheel #13 in the back and #22? 25? In front. (it’s the wheels that look like the Works meisters or SSR professors sp1s) Granted wheel 13 has rivets showing on the wheel face to look like a 2-3pc wheel, these 2 wheel selections resemble each the best to represent a staggered wheel setup.
A lot of “JDM” cars in my neck of the woods run a staggered wheel setup on the exact same cars that we can select on HD. The customization of the wheel/suspension is already AWESOME in itself, the ability to change the actual wheel widths (Lippy in back, not so much in front) should be the final customizing feature in the front/rear adjusting tab.
There’s a few wheel styles that have “2” selections of that same wheel? Don’t know whats the difference other than when switching between the two, one wheels color shade changes slightly, that’s all I’ve seen so far. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK DEVs!!!

Ed Ward shared this idea 12/02/21 10:51