Hashiriya Drifter

Unworking engine tuning
In the game, a bug appeared. It is about I cant tune an engine. It is probably with all engines. It acts like this: I tap lets say to upgrade an Inhaler, it will show I have to wait until next upgrade, but it didn't even put the power, and if I leave the engine tuning button, it shows I didn't upgrade it. I know you have a lot of work with the game, but would be happy if you would repair it. -KKT951, a player of Hashiriya Drifter

KKT951 shared this idea 25/11/20 00:19
Ed Ward 25/11/20 13:26 flag comment
I’ve had the same issue when the new tuning UI was implemented. Lost sooo much in game money and tokens only to be left with a bone stock car? Embarrassing..lol
Dakota trent 27/11/20 15:49 flag comment
yes i have that same issue
Justin hobbs 28/11/20 09:34 flag comment
have the exact same problem. biggest pain.
Isaac Moore 02/12/20 04:59 flag comment
same issue, Dev please fix
Issa Boye 02/12/20 10:09 flag comment
yup the same issue when the update comes out some of my cars lost their tuning
Issa Boye 02/12/20 10:09 flag comment
yup the same issue when the update comes out some of my cars lost their tuning
crazydevs 02/12/20 21:39 flag comment
crazydevs 02/12/20 21:39 flag comment
Isaac Moore 02/12/20 22:06 flag comment
can anyone see the devs comments? they blank for me?
Mixael Strawski 03/12/20 12:50 flag comment
nope i cant see the devs comment too
crazydevs 04/12/20 20:32 flag comment
Should be fixed in the next update, waiting on Apple and Google to approve the updates
Muhammad farhan 16/12/20 15:15 flag comment
My tuning engine was max Then 3/5 Hope fix it
exxz53 03/05/21 18:42 flag comment
They are kidding us 50 times min i got problem report on app store or anywhere open case i do one time and they fix it now i will open case for we pay but they makke it ... and all for nothing like that it’s the last time enough how all car max upgreded and same hp what a shame if you cant do your job delete game i will pay back if i open case and i got talks pics vids i send app store 3months they don’t get me back
exxz53 13/05/21 00:01 flag comment
I send messages 4 months they dont care
exxz53 15/05/21 00:44 flag comment
Rhey dont f… care us they kidding us shame on this game i never see like this sonr care costumers community if we pay to you or what ever you will answer the mails. Messages how da hell are you 4 f… months we cant so anything about your bugs mistakes shame on you
Raiden King 12/07/21 20:37 flag comment
I have a similar issue. I’ve bought the Huracane and upgraded it to 2000+ horsepower. However, when I go to drag race, the game displays that I only have the stock 610 horsepower that the car comes with and I end up losing races because of it. I’ve spent too much money on this game and that car just for it to not do what I built it to do. This bug needs to be fixed or I want my money back. -Playboi Mookie, a Hashiriya Drifter player