Hashiriya Drifter

Fill up gas!? WTFFFF
I can’t believe I paid for no ads j to open the game an now I have to wait for my gas tank to be full. Is this a joke I mean what the fuck is the point in having a fun drift game if you can’t even play . This is the only game I played for years, I’ve told literally everyone about it. I was even planning on trying to find a sticker to put on my car but this literally j ruined my whole day I can’t even begin to explain how much this has effected my game play. I’m more aggravated for one cause if I lose I can’t even replay unless there’s gas, if I modify my car an it seems off I can go back an fix whatever it was but I can’t see if it was effective UNLESS THERES GAS, if I wanna play for a few hours before bed I can’t now because I HAVE TO WAIT FOR GAS, if I wanna play online with a friend I HAVE TO FUCKING WAIT FOR GAS TO FILL. WHY IS THERE GAS IN A GODDAMN VIDEO GAME THIS MAKES NO SENSE ITS LIKE YOU DONT WANT PPL TO PLAY. If I could find a phone number I’d call an ask why an I probably wouldn’t be as annoying but seriously it j doesn’t make sense YOU CANT EVEN BUY GAS LIKE WHAT I’ve already paid for sum much shit on this game j trying to make it better an I think y’all actually ruined it .

Isaiah Green shared this idea 09/04/21 23:03