Hashiriya Drifter

4WD for cars have this
4WD for cars have this in real life, ex: subaru, mitsubushi, nissan gtr, and more...

Brabete Gabriel shared this idea 30/11/20 17:21
crazydevs 30/11/20 17:25 flag comment
4WD cars are not really good for drifting, why would you want them?
KKT951 01/12/20 22:55 flag comment
Would be cool in my opinion. Would bring different actions and strategies. AWD cars are able to drift if they have more power on rear wheels than front ( F-35%HP - R-65%HP ), or 50% on both, Quattro S1 had that and was drifting too. Cool idea and would like to see it in game.
Tymeer Gainee-williams 02/12/20 20:21 flag comment
4wd cars are good for drifting just have to put some hp into it ken block's cars r 4wd and he still drifting them u should also add his cars to the game that would b cool
Ed Ward 13/12/20 04:05 flag comment
The Hoonicorn(™️) would be an interesting addition to the game. If added like how a few other big name aftermarket providers are shown in game, and offered as a premium purchase, that would create a good fetch as long as the model performed as good/better than its original. I’d buy it, if I could get back into my account?
Albraasayed 15/12/20 10:06 flag comment
This is an absolutely great idea, yes 4wd isn’t optimal for “traditional drifting” but as a player who has 100/100 traction and does race touges on the game with other players, it would dramatically change the way we play and broaden the scope of the game
Rojhan Collins 04/06/21 14:01 flag comment
Definitely I good idea I really enjoy the drag and racing aspects of the game just as much as the drifting would be awesome to better use the awd cars in this situations