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Horsepower reset bug
So I decided to buy the Lamborghini (“Huracane”) and I fully maxed it out on tuning and rpms and boost. I broke 2000 horsepower but when I go to drag race, the game displays that I only have the stock 610 horsepower. I thought maybe it was my account or something so I cleared the cache and restarted with a new account. I bought the Lamborghini AGAIN and proceeded to tune it and upgrade it AGAIN. I just broke 2000 horsepower and it displays that I still have the stock 610 when I go to drag race. I’ve now spent over $200 f*cking dollars on a car that I ASSUMED would perform like the game says it should. I’m sure other people have this issue of incorrect horsepower, and it’s unfair to those that have spent hours and hours or lots of money to mod their cars to be where they want them, all for it to not matter. This bug needs to be fixed, cause it’s a waste of time an money for my cars not to perform how they should. I have DMed @crazydevjj on Instagram, i’ve mentioned him on Twitter, i’ve sent an email, i’ve commented on Instagram posts, and now i’m here. If my cars aren’t able to perform due to this bug not being fixed, i’d like either my money (USD) back. Next step is taking this to a court or something because if I spend money on something and i’m not being given what I should, then legal action will be taken.

Raiden King shared this idea 12/07/21 20:34
Ropey G 17/08/21 20:17 flag comment
This is happening to me too, upgraded to 2010hp 2100 torque and now my car is stuck at 610hp. Bruh
crazydevs 06/10/21 23:06 flag comment
An update with this fix is coming soon