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LB-silhouette WORK 458 GT body kit
Add ferrari 458 Italia and install LB-silhouette WORK 458 GT body kit then make a collaboration with liberty.new idea for the new ara this method can show off car

Tansri Haziq shared this idea 07/10/21 21:40
faris123 07/10/21 22:02 flag comment
umarkhai 07/10/21 22:26 flag comment
great idea i luv this idea
iekaserra 07/10/21 22:30 flag comment
i hope your req recommend i want too
danishsto 07/10/21 22:35 flag comment
Absolutely immaculate! The attention to detail is amazing as always!💯
saidsem 07/10/21 22:39 flag comment
Liberty Walk I have been a fan of your work for a very long time
saidsem 07/10/21 22:40 flag comment
gokugtr 07/10/21 22:45 flag comment
Only wish liberty walk idea ! That would definitely start the Trend!!!
kevin de brune 07/10/21 22:51 flag comment
Always coolest body kit
Rahman al rizki 07/10/21 22:56 flag comment
That kit is fucking crazy.
zakuann ohlins 07/10/21 23:01 flag comment
enjoy the bodykit...
Denesh Ramlall 07/10/21 23:06 flag comment
Before 1k vote i comment first
Denesh Ramlall 07/10/21 23:07 flag comment
This actually the best looking kit you guys must add
James Lawson 07/10/21 23:17 flag comment
arghhh i hope too
kytze 07/10/21 23:19 flag comment
ferrari dude
sonic feat mario 07/10/21 23:33 flag comment
ferrari 458 have in japan so jdm
rasul mydin 07/10/21 23:46 flag comment
wow news req hope they can see
syamil dfam 07/10/21 23:51 flag comment
wow dude i canot brain
zoonegara 07/10/21 23:57 flag comment
i from malaysia
tomica chan 08/10/21 00:19 flag comment
best idea dude make a real