Hashiriya Drifter

ADD SOME BODY KIT LB-Silhouette WORKS GT NISSAN 35GT-RR,LB-Silhouette WORKS 458 GT,LB-WORKS HONDA NSX (NA1),LB-WORKS TOYOTA SUPRA (A90),LB-WORKS LEXUS LC500 / LC500h,LB-Silhouette WORKS HURACAN GT,LB-Super Silhouette S15 SILVIA .I hopefully all player can vote this idea body kit

faris123 shared this idea 07/10/21 22:23
umarkhai 07/10/21 22:27 flag comment
wow this have potential to make this game fam like csr 2
iekaserra 07/10/21 22:31 flag comment
what a perfect idea
danishsto 07/10/21 22:36 flag comment
Oh my God, its beautiful and aggressive if they colabration with lbwk
saidsem 07/10/21 22:40 flag comment
Liberty Walk is so cool Love ❤️ from Cambodia
gokugtr 07/10/21 22:46 flag comment
Sexy! Im choosing A91 over m2 now! :D
kevin de brune 07/10/21 22:52 flag comment
LB-WORKS👍👍hope add this game
Rahman al rizki 07/10/21 22:57 flag comment
Noice 👌
zakuann ohlins 07/10/21 23:02 flag comment
purely amazing
Denesh Ramlall 07/10/21 23:08 flag comment
sonic feat mario 07/10/21 23:33 flag comment
r35 my fav
darlaxdarling 07/10/21 23:35 flag comment
cant wait r 35 sillhoette
lorenzo 07/10/21 23:48 flag comment
damn son good req