Hashiriya Drifter

Car ideas
Some cars yall should add are the RX3 Savanna, Cosmo Sport, Fairlady Z 432, Impreza STi 22B, Honda NSX type R,Honda civic type R

Tymeer Gainee-williams shared this idea 07/12/20 06:01
Muhammad farhan 16/12/20 15:16 flag comment
Add more car like lexus,honda
Ed Ward 21/12/20 10:38 flag comment
Datsun 240z, bluebird, GT2000 would be suuuuuper sweet! Why not some lambos and Ferrari’s? I mean the LBperformance/works originated in Hashiriya hometown. Keep up the awesome work you guys are doing!!
Alban Sigma 30/12/20 05:48 flag comment
Reply to Ed Ward : Have you read the description of the game?😂 Its all about 80s-90s Japan cars not lambos and not ferraris😂😂😂😂😂
Ed Ward 30/12/20 07:14 flag comment
@Alban Sigma. So I was reading the “in-game description” and there was no mention of “80’s-90’s” era JDM cars? Hashiriya means “street racer” in English, but the Kanji meaning is different. I can Google it to be sure. Im not gonna argue here. No lambos or rarris. How bout a few Porsche’s with Nakai-san’s (RWB) style? Stella Artois maybe? :)
Ashton angel 23/01/21 01:13 flag comment
Personally I support! I believe personally that they should stick more to JDM cars unless if they want to expand, so great choices!
Josh DeGroat 09/03/21 18:13 flag comment
2000 Ford Focus SE(Sedan)
Raymond Liang 05/05/21 15:37 flag comment
They should add a carbon hood for the ae86 so it matches with the 4th stage and 5th stage ae86, there should be also a lancer evo.
Sibangani 19/07/21 13:37 flag comment
Please put in the Hond Civic EK9 for tougue
Daniel Rojas 19/07/21 18:48 flag comment
Also i hope you can consider the mini truck seen pls. And also let us see our part again for the same price we buy them
Karabov00 19/07/21 19:42 flag comment
Add car Dodge Viper I think it's a great idea, I would like to see a German BMW, but here is only Japan)
Muhamad Amirun Bin Hanapiah 18/08/21 20:06 flag comment
honda doesn't exist yet, well he added now
Zach Lopez 09/09/21 20:46 flag comment
What is the possibility of adding an mr2 preferably the stage 1 from 1985
Callmehazy509 10/09/21 13:06 flag comment
I wanna see a rx7 FC
Victor 05/10/21 05:45 flag comment
Can we get any Lexus’s like vip style maybe a gs300 or a ls400 something big body vippu style
Tansri Haziq 07/10/21 20:57 flag comment
Dude req more best car like Ferrari 458 italia body kit liberty walk ,lambo
Mathys 21/11/21 22:21 flag comment
Dodge ram 1500 1996