Hashiriya Drifter

To create or join teams
I think a team aspect, where you can create/join a team to do challenges and earn points, daily or weekly challenges and compete to win prizes and or be the best team.

Brad shared this idea 08/12/20 04:31
Ed Ward 18/12/20 11:29 flag comment
We need this!!
Ed Ward 18/01/21 22:51 flag comment
Thought of an idea to maybe further the experience amongst us players. If this team/group/crew/club does in fact happen, have some sort of rival system, or maybe like a huge “end of the month” drift battle where everyone can participate (as long as they’re in a crew) and allow spectators to just bring their car to spectate or compete for a spot in the top 3,5 or 10 crews on a points board? Anyone else please feel free to add or better this idea. But try to keep it as simple as possible so if it’s ever implemented into the game, it doesn’t crash our servers. Drift on boys and girls! #Sittin_Slydeways
Ashton angel 23/01/21 01:10 flag comment Clan Creator
I think this would be a dope idea to start getting communities together within the game and creating alot more rivalry and growth!
Ed Ward 25/01/21 04:21 flag comment Clan Creator
We need this or something similar!
Kyaw Myo Sett 23/03/22 17:25 flag comment Clan Creator