Hashiriya Drifter

Custom Vinyls
I'd love to see custom vinyls in the game. similar to real racing 3 if anyone's every played or or basically any other racing game. you can apply shapes in colours and add custom vinyls to the car. I was originally gonna make an 86 blackline and I was surprised there was no custom vinyl feature.

SpiffsGameDev shared this idea 15/12/20 02:57
Ashton angel 23/01/21 01:17 flag comment
Custom vinyls would be dope, but with some limitation. I think adding stickers, and such would be sick to truly personalize your own car rather than just painting it piece by piece.
Federico 25/03/21 09:46 flag comment
i think that custom vinyls could be a great addition to the game, as the game's vinyls they might not like it