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Engine stat reset bug

I was re doing old missions with my 700 Hp rx7, and then I wanted to play online with my 990hp gt86 with 1jz, and my Hp was reset !! even my other cars had reset Hp! (Max Hp trueno, s2000 with ~330 Hp, another 86 with ~400 Hp stock engine, and a stock Miata) I’m upset because it took me MONTHS to get all those mods!!

in terms of mods I’ve lost at LEAST 700k for all the upgrades and engines I’ve done, factoring in that the upgrade power for the engines says “MAX” I will need to sell the cars and buy them again so that’s another ~500k for body parts, engine costs, ect.

I’ve said these exact words to support with to no avail, I am so bummed out I’ve even lost motivation to try to rebuild again!

Albraasayed shared this idea 15/12/20 10:02
II-DELTA-II 08/02/21 20:17 flag comment
When I uprgrade my engine rpm and my engine boost , at every new update my ungine is not upgrade i don't understand (sorry for my bad english i'm french )
Edward Murphy 11/04/21 02:40 flag comment
if u engine swap all the upgrades reset, but if not that then idk
Ken Fujiwara 11/09/22 02:41 flag comment
My 780 hp s14 just reset to stock after 2 months